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응답기간: 2021-10-04 - 2021-10-22

□ An award decision will be cancelled when
1) The entry form is not completed and the entrant’s information is not clearly written
2) What is written in the entry form is different from what it really is.
3) The entrant does not hold the copyright of the photo.
4) The winning work has been awarded or selected at any other previous Contest.
5) The winning work is found to be a plagiarism of, or closely related to other works.

□ Copyright and legal rights
1) We don’t take away any of your rights to your photos, you simply give us permission to use it.
2) Winning photos will be displayed at our website. They will be lower resolution copies of originals.
3) We are not responsible for any legal issues that may arise from your photos, such as a violation of portrait rights, etc.
4) Matters not mentioned in these regulations will be decided by the organizer.
5) It implies agreement to all conditions and regulations of this article with the submission of the entry form and participation in the Contest.

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